Acceptable Workpalce Behaviour Training


Acceptable Workplace Behaviour: Compliance Training

This Acceptable Workplace Behaviour Training Course is designed to help employees and organisations understand and Identify what is appropriate behaviour in the workplace.

The Acceptable Workplace Behaviour Training Module is designed to help Australian Organisations and their employees to better understand and identify what is appropriate behaviour at work and also what should not be tolerated in the workplace from a legislative and cultural perspective. The training module defines Acceptable Workplace Behaviour by outlining and defining Workplace Bullying, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination, while applying the legislation to the modern, diverse and ever-changing workplace environment.

Who is this module for?

The training module is suitable for all Australian organisations and their employees looking to manage workplace behaviour effectively and within legislative guidelines.

Course Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the Acceptable Workplace Behaviour Training module participants will:

  • Be able to define and recognise appropriate and inappropriate behaviour in their workplace
  • Understand the risk involved should they engage in inappropriate behaviour in the workplace
  • Understand an Employees workplace rights
  • Understand an Employers legal obligations
  • Understand the process to make a complaint and what happens next.


Business Outcomes

What are the benefits for the learners organisation?

By taking part in this training, organisations limit their risk in exposure to claims being brought against them. As part of an organisations On-Boarding process, we suggest that this training be implemented as to aid in identifying your organisations culture and what is and isn’t tolerated in your workplace.

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